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33 Fun Games For Kids To Play Indoors

With so many distractions that we are faced with everyday it can be difficult to think of fun games for kids to play indoors. If you are searching for ways to keep your kid(s) entertained because it might be cold outside or it might be raining or you simply are just bored and want something to do, then these 33 fun games will give you a number of options.

1. Hide and seek

Hide and seek should need no introduction. It’s a classic game that can keep kids busy for a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.

2. Sardines

The game sardines is like hide and seek but in reverse. One person hides and the others that are taking part try to find the person that is hiding. Once the person is found, the others join and hide in the same hiding spot. The last person that finds the group that are packed together like sardines, loses.

3. Charades

This game can be simplified depending on the age of the children playing. Another fun game for kids to play indoors.

4. Pictionary

Even if the artistic ability of everyone playing is a little lackluster, Pictionary is still a very popular and fun game for kids to play indoors.

5. Simon Says

This is a great way for Dads to get their kids to do some chores around the house and chores they don’t want to do. One of the commands could be “Simon Says, put your toys away.”

6. Staring Contest

A great indoor game for kids because it can get quite competitive and can last for a long time.

7. Board Games (Chess or Checkers)

We all have a collection of board games of some sort. Taking one out of storage and playing it can be fun and enjoyable. Chess and checkers are very common and can provide hours of entertainment.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

The nice thing about jigsaw puzzles is that Dads and their kids can work on a jigsaw puzzle separately or work one that has thousands of pieces together. 

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors

A game of rock, paper, scissors can be competitive. You can have tournaments and championship games.

10. Thumb War

Thumb war is a fun game for kids to play indoors and it doesn’t require you to buy any supplies. All you need is your thumbs.

11. Card Games (Go Fish or War)

One of the more common activities for Dads to enjoy with their kids is to play card games. Go Fish and War are a couple of examples but there are literally hundreds more card games that are fun to play.

12. Build a Card Tower

When you’re not playing Go Fish or War, take the deck of cards and build a tower with your children. If they are too young to help, then watching it being built can be just as fun. Plus, when it’s done, the fun part is knocking it down.

13. Telephone Game or Chinese Whispers

The idea behind this game is for one person to whisper something to another person and this action gets repeated until the last person in the chain receives the message. In most cases, by the time the last person receives the message, it’s different from the original message.

14. Pick up Sticks

You can do one of two things here. You can use an official pick up sticks game set or you can use long, dry spaghetti noodles. 

15. Blind Man’s Bluff

This is a really fun game for kids indoors because all you need is a blindfold and some creativity. One person is blindfolded, spun around and has to find everyone in the room.

16. Blind man’s swag

One person is blindfolded, much like Blind Man’s Bluff, but has to find the prize in the room while teammates try to direct the blindfolded person by giving instructions.

17. What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

A classic game that can go on for a long time. Especially if the person doesn’t say “12 O’clock” for an extended period of time.

18. Hot Potato

Despite the name, you do not need an actual hot potato for the game. Typically a ball is passed back and forth until someone says “hot potato”. The person left holding the ball when “hot potato” is called, loses.

19. I spy

Another great game that doesn’t require materials other than a set of eyes and an imagination.

20. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are a great way for kids to get up and move around. Dining room chairs are typically used for this fun game for kids indoors.

21. Limbo

A broom handle and two chairs is all you need for this active game. If your kids are flexible, this game could last a while.

22. Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a list of things to find. Like something yellow, a sock or a toy. The longer the list, the more time you have to sit down and finish a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

23. ABC Hunt

This game has the same principle as a scavenger hunt; however, your kids will have to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

24. Hot and Cold

Hide an object and give you child hints by saying “hot” when they are close to finding the object and “cold” when they are far away from the object.

25. Floor is Lava

This is always a fun game for kids. They jump and climb on the furniture trying to not touch the floor because, of course, it’s lava.

26. Balloon Keep-up

If you have a phobia of balloons then this may not be the right game for you. But if you don’t, then this game will keep your kids entertained. The rule is simple, they can‘t let the balloon touch the floor.

27. Relay Races

If you are feeling creative, you could create the ultimate relay race. One where your kids will have to walk with a book on their head, balance an egg on a spoon, hop on one foot or slither like a snake.

28. Bowling

If you have to have a plastic bowling set round the house then you can play a few rounds of bowling to stay entertained. If you don’t have a bowling set, you can use recyclables like cans or plastic soda bottles as the pins. And an orange or apple as the ball.

29. Tug of War

All you need for this fun game for kids is a scarf. Two players try to pull their opponent across the line to be declared the winner.

30. Duck Duck Goose

Fun at any age. 

31. Beanbag Toss

You can get very intricate with the game. You can create a points system or you can set some rules around how the item is thrown. Could be with eyes closed or on one foot. And if you don’t have a beanbag set, you can use a ball and a target.

32. Musical Water Glasses

For those that have a passion for creating music, experimenting with sounds in the game will prove to be fun.

33. Dance Contest

A friendly way to have some fun and burn off energy. You can even have prizes for the winner or the top three finalists.

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With so many fun games for kids to play indoors to choose from, you could easily spend a whole day playing games to make time go faster. The best part is that you will also be spending quality time with your child. And that is super important.

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