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50 Best Dad Jokes From Reddit

Dad jokes are everywhere but it seems like the most creative ones can be found on Reddit.

If you are in search of funny Dad jokes, then Reddit does not disappoint.

And after spending several hours combing through Dad jokes on Reddit, here are 50 of the Best Dad Jokes from Reddit.

Dad Jokes Reddit

1. I tried to use BEEFSTEW as a password

But it wasn’t Stroganoff

2. What do you get when you boil a funny bone?

Laughing stock

3. To whoever stole my Microsoft Office: I will find you

You got my Word

4. What does Beethoven do in his grave?


5. Bruce Lee was pretty fast but his brother

Sudden Lee was even faster.

7. What do you call a man with no shins?


8. What kind of doctor is Dr. Pepper?

He’s a fizzician

9. Where do sick cruise ships go to get healthy?

The dock

10. My doctor told me I was going deaf

The news was hard for me to hear

11. I was wondering why music was coming from my printer.

Apparently the paper was jamming

12. I cannot stand people without feet

I’m lacktoes intolerant

13. Yesterday I ate our clock, it was very time consuming

Especially when I went back for seconds

14. Saw somebody robbing an Apple store

Guess that makes me an iWitness

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15. I never believed in my chiropractor

But now I stand corrected

16. Why did the photograph go to prison?

It was framed

17. My niece, Sally, owns and operates a battery kiosk at the beach

Sally sells c-cells by the seashore

18. When my girlfriend is upset, I let her color in my tattoos

She just needs a shoulder to crayon

19.  I used to hate facial hair

But then it grew on me

20. I was once kidnapped by a troupe of mimes

They did unspeakable things to me

21. How much did your chimney cost?

Nothing, it was on the house

22.  What did one annoyed tornado say to the other?

This blows

23. Why is the shovel so important?

It was a ground-breaking invention

24. I got fired from a keyboard factory because I didn’t put in enough shifts

So they wouldn’t let me return or enter

They even changed the caps locks

25. Why can’t a horse stand on an elephant’s back?

Because it isn’t that stable

26. Guess who I bumped into on the way to the opticians?


27. Which part of the hospital has the least privacy?


28. I saw a guy carve a bird out of feces

I asked him what it was and he told me it’s a stool pigeon

29. Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth

Then it’s just a soap opera

30. Why did the ghost go inside the bar?

For the boos

31. Which trees have the most friends?

Poplar Trees

32. Why should you never talk to pi?

Because it will go on forever

33. How does Thor’s brother stay under the radar?

He’s Loki

34. A witch was flying on her broom when she noticed that all the witches she passed were flying on vacuum cleaners

She thought to herself, “Am I the only one who still drives a stick?”

35. My boss texted me “hey send me one of your funny jokes”

I replied “I’m working at the moment, I’ll send you one later”

He replied “ha that was hilarious. send me another one”

36. Yesterday my wife and I were leaving a parking spot. There was a black and white car ahead of us.

Wife: It’s a cow car!

Me: It’s a moooo-tor vehicle!

Wife: polite chuckle

Me: It’s udderly fun to drive!

Wife: …

Me: It has a cattle-lytic converter.

Wife: You can stop any time.

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37. Is anyone going to re-post the “why does Norway’s Navy have barcodes on their ships” joke today?

Or are we Finnish?

38. I think my house is haunted by the ghost of a chicken

I may have a poultrygeist

39. I have a bunch of jokes about unemployed people

But, sadly, none of them work

40. What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4K?


41. My wife was getting annoyed at me singing Wonderwall all day long. She asked me to stop.

I said Maybe

42. I started a dating website for chickens

It’s not my regular day job… I just do it to help make hens meet

43. A man I know has a stutter and is going to prison

I’m afraid he’ll never finish his sentence

44. What is it called when two celebrities are fighting?

Star wars

45. I recently rearranged all the labels on my wife’s spice rack

She hasn’t noticed yet, but the thyme is cumin

46 My wife left me because of my gambling addiction

But I just know I can win her back

47.  finally came up with a good joke about clocks

It’s about time

48. My wife warned me not to steal the kitchen utensils

But it’s a whisk I’m willing to take

49. Why did Yoda agree to train Luke Skywalker?

Because it made the Dagobah faster

50. My wife asked me to put ketchup on the shopping list

Now I can’t read anything

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