dad memorial tattoos

50 Dad Memorial Tattoos For Inspiration

Losing a parent is tough. And losing a Dad can be heartbreaking.

A Dad memorial tattoo can represent love and admiration for an important role model in your life.

And whether you have multiple tattoos or you are planning for a Dad memorial tattoo to be your first one, it will be special regardless.

This list of 50 Dad memorial tattoos serves as inspiration and a tribute to those that have left us too soon.

Dad Memorial Tattoos

the salty sailor tattoo

“Happy birthday Dad!! He hated tattoos, but this One actually made him smile:)” – Credit: k3noib

benevolent tattoo

“Thank you Holly for stopping by! 🤗 Glad I could do this for you 🙏🏼” – Credit: canderson_717

dad tattoo

“First tattoo from today. It was a cover up as well. Thanks for looking!” – Credit: chrismiller_tattoos

dad tattoo

Credit: dogstar.tatts

dad tattoo

“A beautiful note from dad, and a couple brother-sister matching shamrocks 🍀🍀” – Credit:

painted people tattoos

Credit: painted_people_tattoos

troubles brewin tattoo

“Dad memorial tattoo, loved doing this one!” – Credit: troublesbrewintattoo

foxbone tattoo

“Ihr fragt mich ja immer wieder so lieb, ob ich denn ausnahmsweise auch ein Erinnerungstattoo/Gedenktattoo stechen würde – Tatsache ist, ich steche solche besonderen Tattoos auch viel und gern, ich poste sie nur selten :)”

Translation using Google translate – “You keep asking me so nicely if I would do a commemorative tattoo as an exception – the fact is, I do such special tattoos a lot and I like it, I only rarely post them :)” – Credit:

the monkey and the buddha

“By Kat” – Credit: themonkeyandthebuddha

wendell caswell

Credit: wendellcaswell

cherry bomb tattoo

“Black and gray memorial tattoo from today with a spark plug,wrenches and lettering” – Credit: noalox

tiina el

Credit: tiina_el

ellie tailwind tattoo

“Did this fun memorial on @samanthakambeitz for her dad today. The name on top is her dads handwriting. Thanks Sam, it was fun to catch up!” – Credit: ellitailwindtattoo

mullen ink

“Memorial piece drawn up for a client and tattooed. R.I.P Troy.” – Credit: mullenink


“Dad memorial for Arlene ❤️” – Credit: guaysart

Memorial Dad Tattoos


“Little tatt from today!” – Credit: onxthagrind


“My first tattoo…in honor of my dad ♡ I love it! Great experience and beautiful work by @oksanaweber at Body and Soul in JC” – Credit: dawn_halter


Credit: xochiquetzal_linda

AR Designs Fine Art & Tattoo

“A little musical dad memorial🎼” – Credit: alyssarichardsontattoo

orioles tattoo

“Orioles themed Dad memorial tattoo⚾️🧡 ~email to book an appointment!” – Credit: dan_tv

troubles brewin tattoo

Credit: troublesbrewintattoo


“🎶Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you’ll be, can’t go far but you can always dream. Wish you may and wish you might, don’t you worry hold on tight, I promise you there will come a day, butterfly fly away🎶

This is my tattoo in memory of my Dad. I got this as soon as I turned 18. I can’t tell you how much I love it, tattoos are so beautiful, especially when they have meaning behind them. 💙.” – Credit: writingsofagrieving20yearold


Credit: annieriggstattoo


“Showing my versatility with this one… not my usual but definitely fun. Memorial piece for her dad. Circle looks warped but it’s not, good ole forearm pics!” – Credit: akimicoco


“Circuit board heart for my passed father on my sister what a fun and memorable piece” – Credit: brenttattoosu2


“Last tattoo of 2018. Memorial tattoo I did on an old friend from high school.” – Credit: jaywestsideinktattoos

Black Sheep Piercing and Tattoo Studio

“After all this time? Always.💕 forever in my heart ❤️ thanks so much @carymbw for this beautiful piece 🤙🏼 💉” – Credit: holla_amb


Credit: futureskintattoos


Credit: georgedressing

Dad Memorial Tattoo Ideas


“Memorial tattoo for my brother from another mother @bensonrobbie while I’m out here in Georgia!” – Credit: truelifetattooslasvegas


“Memorial tattoo done at @inkasylumthecollective” – Credit: mila_tattz


“Memorial tattoo done on @zackroundy thanks for always trusting me with your work.” – Credit: tattoosbyedward


Credit: peckestattoo


“Memorial tattoo with Mack truck logo” – Credit: vanitytattoo_1996


“Memorial tattoo for her father 🙌🏻🖤 Thank you!” Credit: saso_tavcitattoo

jerry lucky cat

“Memorial tattoo for dad. DM for appointments.” – Credit: jerryluckycat


“Another memorial tattoo for a clients father. This one based off a photo from a favorite vacation memory. Pic taken a week into healing” – Credit: joshrobinson_art


“Memorial tattoo for client’s father including his Dad’s initials on all his tools” – Credit: canalsidetattoo


“Memorial Tattoo for Todd’s dad. Thank you for the trust” – Credit: jose.tattoos


“Made this memorial tattoo , like, forever ago now it seems. Built this based off clients reference … cant wait to start some new pieces! Getting excited!” – Credit: taylormillstattoos


“Memorial tattoo for his pops! Thanks @imkellen” – Credit: captainsalty87


“Memorial tattoo for my clients father ❤️” – Credit: bransonrobinsontattoos


“Got to do this memorial piece for Toms Papa today. Really enjoyed this and always an honour to give someone a memorial tattoo 🖤” – Credit: lea.inks


“Some healed and some fresh. A memorial tattoo for his father. Tattoo by @chadramsay” – Credit: illinoistattooco


“Memorial tattoo for his dad. Thanks 🙏🏻 @zeepla” – Credit: basrustynail


“Done by Shane deGraaff @grimoiretattoos – A little chromed out memorial tattoo for Tyler’s Dad. Thanks man I had such a blast with this!” – Credit: honorboundtattoos_calgary


“Memorial tattoo for Mike’s father that passed away the beginning of this year. Sorry again for your loss.” – Credit: ashleyhensontattoo


“This is a memorial tattoo for his father that was a deep sea fisherman.” – Credit: red9ine


“Did this memorial tattoo for my client’s father today! Very happy with the outcome!” – Credit: tattoosbytyler_st


“Memorial tattoo by @jordan_war” – Credit: johnstreettattoo

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Dad memorial tattoos are intimate and personal. Not only is grieving the loss of a parent difficult but deciding on the design of a memorial tattoo can be tough too.

The process of deciding can be made easier by looking at ideas and examples. Hopefully this list of dad memorial tattoos has given you some clarity.

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