reward ideas for good grades

37 Best Reward Ideas For Good Grades

Rewarding your child for good grades can also help to establish a positive and supportive learning environment. This can make the child more receptive to learning new material and willing to take on new challenges.

When a child is rewarded for their hard work and achievements, it can also help to build their self-esteem and confidence, and encourage them to continue putting effort into their schoolwork. Here are 37 ideas for rewarding your child for good grades.

Reward Ideas For Your Child’s Good Grades

1. Treat them to a special outing or activity, such as going to a theme park or movie theater.

2. Give them a small monetary reward, such as a few dollars or an allowance increase.

3. Let them choose a fun outing or activity, such as going to a trampoline park or laser tag.

4. Take them out for a special meal or treat, such as ice cream or a favorite restaurant.

5. Get them a special toy or item that they have been wanting.

6. Plan a fun outing or activity with just the two of you, such as mini golf or bowling.

7. Give them an extra hour of screen time.

8. Let them pick out a new book to read.

9. Give them a special privilege, such as staying up an extra half hour or choosing what to have for dinner.

10. Plan a special day or weekend outing, such as going to a water park or beach.

11. Get them a small piece of jewelry or accessory.

12. Plan a fun activity at home, such as a movie night or game night.

13. Take them to a sporting event or concert.

14. Give them a gift card to their favorite store.

15. Buy them a new video game or app.

16. Give them a special craft or art supply set.

17. Get them a new piece of sports equipment or another hobby item.

18. Treat them to a spa day or special beauty treatment.

19. Plan a fun day trip to a nearby city or attraction.

20. Get them a new outfit or clothing item.

21. Take them to a special event, such as a theater production or museum exhibit.

22. Give them a special outing with a friend or group of friends.

23. Treat them to a special outing with the whole family, such as a trip to the zoo or aquarium.

24. Get them a subscription to a magazine or online service related to their interests.

25. Give them a special cooking or baking supply set.

26. Buy them a new board game or puzzle.

27. Plan a special outing to a nearby attraction, such as a botanical garden or farm.

28. Give them a gift certificate for a special service, such as a music lesson or dance class.

29. Get them a new piece of technology, such as a tablet or headphones.

30. Take them to a special event, such as a concert or magic show.

31. Give them a special gift basket filled with their favorite treats and items.

32. Plan a special outing to a theme park or amusement park.

33. Give them a special experience, such as a hot air balloon ride or skydiving lesson.

34. Get them a gift card for a special restaurant or dining experience.

35. Take them on a special vacation or getaway.

36. Give them a special membership or subscription, such as a gym membership or streaming service.

37. Plan a special outing to a local festival or fair.

Should You Get Rewards For Good Grades?

It is not uncommon for students to receive rewards for good grades. In some cases, rewards can be a good way to motivate students to work hard and perform well in school. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that grades are not the only measure of a student’s abilities and accomplishments. And it’s important to recognize and reward other forms of academic and personal growth as well. 

Ultimately, the decision to provide rewards for good grades is up to the individual or group responsible for the student’s education and well-being.


Rewarding a child for good grades can help to foster a sense of responsibility and accountability, as the child learns that their efforts have consequences and that they are responsible for their own success.

The decision to reward your child for good grades will ultimately depend on how you feel. You should have a good sense of what motivates your child to achieve desired results. And if you believe that rewarding your child is effective, then go for it!

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