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50 Unique Girl Names That Start With F

Finding a unique girl name that starts with F can be challenging. Which is why this curated list was created. This list of 50 girl names that start with F contains some of the most beautiful names in existence. Five bonus names are included too.

Baby Girl Names That Start With F

  1. Fana – Of African origins and means “jungle” or “light.”
  2. Felina 
  3. Fia – The name Fia has Portuguese, Irish, and Italian roots and means “weaver” or “wild.”
  4. Fiddah
  5. Franci
  6. Fae – Of French origins meaning “belief”, “trust”, “fairy”, and “confidence.”
  7. Fitz 
  8. Frances – The unique name Frances is of Latin origin meaning “free one.”
  9. Frea
  10. Fuli – Of Nepali origin and means “to bloom like a flower.”
  11. Fynch 
  12. Falda 
  13. Fable
  14. Faham
  15. Fei – This name has Chinese roots and means “to dance in the air.”
  16. Femma – Of French origin meaning “she is the peace.”
  17. Fenmore 
  18. Feray – The unique girl name Feray is of Turkish origin and means “radiance of the moon.”
  19. Fiala –  Of Czech origin meaning “violet.”
  20. Fiana – Primarily a female name meaning “vine.” Fiana is of Irish origin.
  21. Fredericka 
  22. Flann – In Gaelic, Flann means “red haired.”
  23. Florena 
  24. Folami – Of African origin and means “honor and respect me.”
  25. Fortuna – Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Catalan origins meaning “chance” or “luck.”
  26. Fryda – Of Old German origin and means “elf or magical counsel.”
  27. Furat – A Muslim girls name meaning “sweet water.”
  28. Flaca – Of Latin origin and usually means “a slender person.”
  29. Fjola – The unique girl’s name Fjola is Scandinavian in origin and means “flower.”
  30. Farzana – A Persian given name that means “highly knowledgeable”, “intelligent” or “wise.”
  31. Fascienne – Of Latin origin meaning “woman of dark beauty.”
  32. Faylee 
  33. Febe – Ancient Greek origin and means “pure” or “bright.”
  34. Fatami
  35. Fauna – If you are interested in Roman mythology then you may know that the Fauna is the goddess of animals and nature. This unique girl name also has Latin roots and means “young deer.”
  36. Fe – Of Spanish origin and means “faith.”
  37. Feeza – This Muslim girl name means “silver.”
  38. Fina – Fina is the short form of the names Serefina and Josefina. Its origin is Italian and means “God will increase.”
  39. Fola – Of African origin and means “honor.”
  40. Freia
  41. Frisa
  42. Frona
  43. Fuada
  44. Fathiyya – “Victorious” or “Conqueror.”
  45. Fumnanya – In Igbo, Fumnanya means “love me.”
  46. Fritzie – Of Old German origin meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  47. Fedella – The wonderfully unique girl name is of Spanish origin and means “faithful.”
  48. Faakhira – Of Muslim origin meaning “magnificent” or “glorious.”
  49. Faatin 
  50. Fabia

Bonus Baby Girl Names That Start With F

With all of the amazingly unique girl names that start with F in existence, we could not just stop at fifty names. Here are five more bonus baby names that start with F.

  1. Faheena 
  2. Faige – Of Hebrew and Jewish origin meaning “bird.”
  3. Fawza – A Muslin name that means “success”, “triumph” and “victory.”
  4. Fifi
  5. Freola

It can be really exciting looking for a suitable name for a girl. And the great thing is, in most cases, if you come across one that really resonates then that is most likely going to be the name that you are going to choose

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