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When Is Father’s Day In 2023? Exact Date Revealed

Every Father looks forward to celebrating his special day. And the fact that one day is dedicated to him at the beginning of summer is great too. The weather gets warmer and the days get longer. So, if you are wondering when Father’s Day is, in 2023, we get it. Especially since the exact date changes every year.

The official date of Father’s Day in 2023 is Sunday June 18, 2023. The exact date of Father’s Day changes every year. However, the one consistent thing about Father’s Day year over year is that it is always on a Sunday.

History Of Father’s Day

It all started more than a hundred years ago. The first known Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington USA. Sonora Smart Dodd’s mother died at childbirth and she thought of her single Dad during a Mother’s Day church sermon in 1909.

So, she launched an effort through the YMCA and local churches to celebrate her Dad and everyone else’s. The first Father’s Day was on June 19, 1910, her fathers birth month. The idea made its way to congress and was acknowledged by several presidents. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson, the same person who signed a proclamation for Mother’s Day, approved a Father’s Day, but no proclamation.

It wasn’t until 1966, when President Lyndon Johnson signed an executive order for the nation to celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. A day for all to honor the “love and gratitude which they bear for their fathers.” However, it still wasn’t an official national holiday until 1972. That’s when congress passed an act and president Nixon signed Father’s Day into law.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas in 2023

  1. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Jerky Gift Basket
  3. YETI Tumbler
  4. Beard Apron
  5. Magnetic Wristband
  6. Universal Socket
  7. Bonsai Starter Kit
  8. Dad Joke Button
  9. Memory Mints
  10. Coffee Mug Warmer

Your Dad will thoroughly enjoy any of these gifts for Father’s Day and/or any other special occasion.

What should I get my Dad for Father’s Day 2023?

According to a recent poll in 2021, Dads prefer a card and time with family for Father’s Day. Clothing came in third, something homemade came in fourth and tools came in fifth. We have a number of gift ideas for Dad on this website in our products category.

How do I spoil my Dad this Father’s Day?

Most Dads value time with family. So, just spending time with your Dad is a way of spoiling him. Other ways that you can spoil your Dad can include getting him a card, clothes, or by making him something homemade. 

When is Father’s Day In Canada in 2023?

Canada observes the same date for Father’s Day as the USA. The exact date for Father’s Day in Canada in 2023 is Sunday June 18, 2023.

When is Father’s Day in the UK in 2023?

As with the USA and Canada, the UK celebrates Father’s Day on the exact same day. The exact date of Fathers Day in the UK in 2023 is Sunday June 18, 2023.

Does Father’s Day change every year?

Yes, the exact date of Father’s Day does change every year because Father’s Day is always the third Sunday in June. And for this reason, the exact date of the third Sunday in June always changes.

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